Wearable Technology that Can Protect You

In the modern day, an assault can happen at any time. It is wise to be prepared for an unexpected predator rather than falling victim. There are many items women can wear for their protection. Here is a list of five different wearable technological products that will do just this.

• Siren
This rather large ring has a very loud alarm with the intention of hurting the ears of an assailant. With a counterclockwise twist this painfully loud alarm will go off, taking the attacker by surprise. For best results, the assailant needs to be three feet away or closer. This ring also looks natural so that it will not stand out with any other jewelry or attire.

• Wearsafe
This wearable tag can be worn in many different places. It connects to your smartphone through the wearsafe app so that you can take it anywhere you go. If trouble occurs, press the button on the tag, and the wearsafe app will alert everyone on your phone’s emergency contact list of your need for assistance.

• Undercover Colors Nail Polish
Undercover Colors (https://twitter.com/undercovercolor?lang=en) is an upcoming nail polish designed to help keep a woman from being sexually assaulted while drinking at a party, club, bar, etc. Certain date rape drugs like Rohypnol are placed in drinks so that the assailant, once his victim has had her drink, can abuse her afterward. However, by wearing this nail polish a woman can simply dip her finger in the drink. If the polish changes color, she will know that a drug is present.

• Apple Watch
Apple’s smartwatch with watchOS 3 can help women who use iPhones. The SOS feature in the update allows for one to press and hold the side button to automatically call emergency services. The call goes through the iPhone, unless in a WI-FI area in which case it will go directly through the watch. SOS will also contact emergency contacts (chosen by the user). Also, this feature can show the contacts a map of your location as well as medical information.

This is a smartphone app (https://www.companionapp.io/) for iPhone and Android phones. In it you choose certain contacts to notify which can also track where you are. If a mishap occurs or you do not arrive at your destination in an estimated time, the app will ask if you are OK. If you do not check in as OK, then those certain contacts you have chosen will be notified.

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