This month's meeting is actually... CFBuilder Tour!

So with today's release of ColdFusion Builder it's no longer a secret why my original announcement for our upcoming meeting was somewhat restricted by NDA. Now that CFBuilder has been released, I can officially say that a few members of Adobe's evangelism team are touring some of the CFUGs and demoing the end result of the engineering team's hard work, as part of the launch. Terry Ryan (not only an Adobe evangelist, but also a Philly local) will be stopping by our CFUG to share the love.

I can personally vouch for CFBuilder as a solid product, worth your consideration. I have been testing it and working with it every day since early on in the private beta process, and it has definitely improved my coding productivity. It isn't free, but it does have some very worthwhile benefits, and anyone doing both ColdFusion and Flex development should be very pleased with the new pricing model: Buy both Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder for $299!

There are a lot of compelling reasons to buy ColdFusion Builder, and Terry is well qualified to demo them all for you and answer your questions. Heck, bring your boss if you think it will help make a case for the purchase.

Along with the ColdFusion Builder Launch Tour, Adobe is also allowing Ray Camden to run another "Best of" contest, similar to the Best of CF9 contest around the launch of ColdFusion 9 last year. This time, it's the ColdFusion Builder: Educate and Expand contest. If you've had an idea for something that might be useful as a CFB Extension, now is the time to make it happen.

See you at the meeting a week from tomorrow!

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