Announcing the PhillyCFUG Discussion Group

I've taken the liberty of creating a Philly CFUG discussion group on Google Groups. You can join it here. (Your first post will be moderated so that we can keep spammers out of the group.)

I considered posting here on the blog to ask if there was any interest, but I figured that was a little too-meta. I know there are at least a few people who would use it, because it's been requested more than once.

What would it be useful for? It would be a great place to organize carpools and hotel room sharing for conferences, for example -- in fact, I've already posted a thread for doing just that. I'm sure there other things that it could be useful for, too -- perhaps discussions searching for candidates for open positions in your company or discussing places you're considering applying or accepting a position.

So if you're interested in things like that, join the group.

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