Malls Not Just For Shopping Anymore

In the modern world, many technological innovations have made day-to-day tasks easier. One of these tasks is shopping. Many people don’t feel the same pressure to go out that they once did, thanks to the internet allowing anything they want to be one click away. With so much shopping done online, how are businesses innovating to make their storefronts a place to be? All over the country, shopping malls are evolving to fit a diversifying need.

Malls used to be a hub of commerce where you could find everything you needed, from clothes to jewelry to trinkets to hardware to food. Indeed, malls have always been set up to accommodate the consumer on the go. But some malls are taking further steps. While ninety percent of commerce is still done offline, smaller malls have suffered from a drying up of their consumer base. Some of this can be attributed to people spending more time at home with their technology, but some of it can also be attributed to shopping malls being regarded as “things of the past.”

But have no fear! Malls aren’t going away forever. In fact, many larger malls are evolving to provide a better consumer experience for everyone. To reinvent what shopping malls mean, experts consider what people want when they leave the house. What are they looking for? What experiences do they want?

A lot of the preference in mall shopping comes down to aesthetic appeal. Is the mall a comfortable place to be? Malls that have fallen into disrepair may be avoided by the public. But malls that offer a clean, sleek modern approach to their creation will be well rewarded.

One such corporation at the forefront of the reinvented mall is the Westfield Corp. According to Peter Lowy, Co-CEO, its strategy is to “…integrate food, fashion, leisure, entertainment. And use technology to better connect retailers with consumers.” This streamlined integration of technology and in-person shopping is one of the main reasons Westfield is considered to be on the cutting-edge of shopping mall futures.

Simon Properties is another leading innovator in shopping mall experiences. Like Westfield, Simon Properties streamlines the combination of technology and in-person shopping for a better retail experience. User-friendly mobile apps and social media campaigns allow people to enjoy their Simon shopping experience both online and offline.

The best approach for modern malls is to integrate technology with a strong aesthetic appeal. Malls have always provided what people want from a day out – but now they need to prove it by appealing to consumers in a twenty-first century world.



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