So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

PhillyCFUG is no more.

Due to abysmal meeting attendance I have been increasingly unmotivated to continue organize new meetings; and earlier this month Adobe asked user group managers to fill out a survey about our group status. I figured it was either time to pass the torch or let it go. I asked around to try and find someone to take over group manager duties, but nobody seemed interested. Nobody stepped up.

As of February 1st, PhillyCFUG no longer exists. It's been a fun ride, but all good things must come to an end. 

ColdFusion Government Job near Philly

Contact Name: Marc Colemanb
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 215-732-2311 x101

I'm looking for an experienced ColdFusion Developer in the Greater Philadelphia Area for immediate federal government contract work (1-2 years). Three years demonstrated experience creating the architecture for and developing multi-tiered applications. Significant back-end integration experience with database systems and legacy platforms. Extensive experience with web based application design and implementation.
Working remotely is an option, availability for monthly face to face meetings preferred.

Another CF Job Opening at the Free Library of Philadelphia

The Free Library of Philadelphia is seeking a full-time web developer to join the team responsible for maintaining and enhancing our existing website and building new web-based applications. The ideal candidate will be proficient in ColdFusion and/or PHP and have experience with additional coding languages and standards such as JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, XML, and REST. Experience with databases (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), server administration tools (Apache, IIS), and content management systems is also desirable.

Candidates should be flexible and willing to work in a small team environment with other developers, network administrators, programmers, and graphic designers. Strong verbal and written communication skills are important. Previous experience in a library environment is a plus, and librarians with web development experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with major course work in information technology, information science, or a related area; candidates must also have two years of experience performing web application programming to develop, design, program, test and document web applications in the construction and maintenance of web features and internet sites.

This is a civil service position; interested candidates are encouraged to submit a civil service application following the instructions at, in addition to submitting a resume directly to the Free Library contact.

Send resume and cover letter to:

Carolyn Polgardy
Web Development Office
1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Attachments as PDFs or in Microsoft Word, please)

The Free Library of Philadelphia is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Minorities are encouraged to apply.

Free eBook & Training Materials: "Learn CF in a Week"

A collection of ColdFusion community members has co-authored a free book called Learn CF in a Week. (Disclosure: I wrote two of the chapters.)

It's completely free (pdf, epub, or just keep it online), and every chapter has an accompanying hands-on section to reinforce the concepts from the chapter with code you can follow, as well as homework if you're up for the challenge.

Every so often people ask me for training materials besides the CFWACK books... and now we have this great, free resource. If you have developers that need training from the ground up, or even just to cover some of the finer points like security or i18n, this is a great place to start.

Looking for more meetings this year?

We're not holding any more meetings this year, but that doesn't mean that there are no good opportunities to hang out with your fellow geeks to learn, socialize, or both.

The Adobe Create The Web Tour is coming to Philadelphia on November 29th, in partnership with PANMA. It will be at Wharton's Huntsman Hall, Room G-255 from 6pm-9pm (doors open at 5:30). More information, and registration is available here:

In the meantime if you haven't already checked out the keynote from the kickoff meeting and all the new tools, services and announcements they announced previously, you can watch the video here: And more info in general here:

You can also follow along on twitter:

Additionally all the videos from the Kickoff San Francisco event have been posted on the Philly Flash Platform site for your viewing pleasure - enjoy!

And lastly, PANMA usually throws a pretty awesome Holiday party in December, so I would encourage you to attend that as well. Keep your eyes on for the announcement.

Reminder: Meeting this Friday

Just a quick reminder that our next meeting will be this FRIDAY, at 6pm, at St. Leonard's Court.

Please RSVP if you're planning on coming. This helps us get an accurate amount of food.

See you then!

ColdFusion Job Opening in Bristol, PA

Brenda Fraunfelter
Phone: 717-514-0671
Job Description: 5976 Sr Cold Fusion Web Developer with eCommerce
Location: Bristol, PA 19007
Position Type: Contract-to-Hire

We are currently conducting an exclusive search for an experienced ColdFusion Developer. This is a great opportunity to work with a well-established company in a very important role!

Scope of Position and Basic Functions

  • This position is to strategically design and implement in-house information systems that support core organization functions for our client’s e-commerce and other Web applications to assure their high availability.
  • Will serve as the technical specialist for the company and be responsible for the growth of technical skills and mentoring within the department. This position contributes both on a tactical and strategic level.
  • Responsibilities would range from technical analysis, prototyping, application framework design, programming, testing, implementation, mentoring and teaching technical staff, performing code reviews and to lead technical research projects within the Information Technology Department.
  • Will research, develop, design, and document systems working as an individual or as a project team member. Project responsibilities will vary in scope and complexity.
  • Will specialize in keeping the company e-commerce sites current in technology and performance while supporting the business requirements.

Responsibilities Breakdown

  • 50%: Reviews, analyzes, and modifies programming systems including design, coding, testing, debugging and documenting programs.
  • 25%: Resource for established expertise in key existing technologies. Perform problem analysis and in depth studies or proposals in response to business requirements. Assist or perform vendor and software analysis. Perform interface function for the development of systems initiatives and functions as client liaison as required. Performs other related duties as assigned by management.
  • 15%: Provides consultation and/or mentoring on complex projects and is considered to be a top level contributor/specialist. Performs a variety of complicated tasks. Leads the work of technical developers, both internal and external.
  • 10%: Leads or assists in the implementation of key technologies, development of technical standards, and always looking for ways to simplify and improve development environment. Participates in Technology Task Force activities and contributes to technical analysis.

Experience and Skills Required

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent job experience in the field or in a related area.
  • Demonstrated ability as a Sr. Programmer Analyst in an e-commerce environment.
  • 5-8 years of software programming experience
  • Senior level development ability in Web applications using:
  • ColdFusion 8
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • PL/SQL
  • Working knowledge of style sheets.
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing roles (project leader, project participant, developer, expert, etc.) in a seamless manner
  • Flexibility to work occasional off hours to meet deadlines or handle emergency issues.

Experience with Any of the Following is a Plus

  • Advanced degree or equivalent experience in the field or in a related area.
  • Experience in an e-commerce environment using Endeca
  • Advanced knowledge in the creation and maintenance of style sheets
  • Experience in the use of AJAX
  • Experience in the use of Sencha EXTJS
  • Experience in the use of Sencha Architect
  • Knowledge of Perl and Perl script
  • Knowledge of RPG and IBM iSeries platform

October Meeting: Concurrency Zen, with Marc Esher

We're changing the schedule up to fit the needs of this month's speaker, so pay attention to the date!

Before getting his start in IT, Marc Esher was a teacher. And it turns out he's a brilliant developer, too. He's one of the lead developers of both the MXUnit and CFMongoDB open source rojects, among others; and he works on an allstar consulting team at Booz Allen with the likes of Kotek, Rinehart, Stroz, etc. That mixture of talents makes for a great presentation, and when I saw him present Concurrency Zen at CFObjective this year I was impressed (as expected), and I begged him to come out and present it for us in person. He lives in the Pittsburgh area, so he agreed to come do it in person as long as I would take him out for Belgian beers afterward and put him up for the night.

Here's how Marc describes his presentation:

Threads are the most primitive of concurrency datatypes on the JVM. They're easy to use initially, but beyond basic use cases they become unwieldy, difficult to manage, and are nearly impossible to monitor correctly. The "CFThread in a for() loop and pray that none of the threads error" is a common, and terrible, practice.

Fortunately, a top-notch concurrency framework ships, today, with ColdFusion, and you can take advantage of these higher-level concurrency abstractions using JavaLoader in ColdFusion 9, and using native Java integration in ColdFusion 10.

In this session, I'll show the difficulties of writing correct code with just cfthread, dig into the pitfalls and dangers, and show why these higher-level abstractions are superior. I'll demonstrate how to use the Java Concurrency Framework to write sane, easy-to-manage, and most importantly -- safe -- programs which take advantage of concurrent processing.

The session will focus on writing simpler, smaller, *thread-UNAWARE* components, and delegating the messy concurrency details to the platform, resulting in code that is easier to implement, test, and maintain.

Since Marc is driving out from Pittsburgh, we'll be meeting on a Friday! I'm still waiting for confirmation of the meeting venue Venue has been confirmed, see below; but since the meeting is only 2 weeks away I wanted to get it on your calendar as soon as possible. Check back here and on Twitter for venue info.

Meeting Details:
RSVP: Please RSVP here
When: FRIDAY, October 5th @ 6:00pm
Where: (University City, Philadelphia)
St. Leonard's Court, Suite 300
"Orange" Conference Room
3819 Chestnut St.
Corner of 39th & Chestnut
Parking: 1 block north, entrance on 39th st
Building: Enter from either side of the building &
act like you work there so security
doesn't hassle you (just walk right by).
Take elevator up to 3A. Turn right.

Reminder: Meeting Tonight (Burbs)

Just a quick reminder that we'll be meeting tonight at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in King of Prussia. If you're coming, please RSVP by 3pm today so that we can get a decent head count for call-ahead seating.  There won't be a presentation; it's just a social gathering and collaborative help-desk. See you there!

CF Job Opening in Montgomery County

Kerrie wrote in personally to advertise a CF job opening at her employer. She seems to like her job and is eager to have someone else passionate about ColdFusion join her:

Hello, I haven't had the opportunity to join you all "yet". (Perhaps if I can fill this position, I'll have more time :-))

I've been one of two web developers at Lincoln Investment (just outside the city in Montgomery County) for 14 years now. I'm excited to bring on someone who loves working with ColdFusion as much as I do.

The job is with Lincoln Investment Planning, and you can see the job requirements and apply online here.

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