Goldman Sachs Fosters Community Development through Massive Investment

With the world’s oldest population facing an unprecedented shift in demography, Goldman Sachs has made it possible for people to come together through investment. Since 2001, the organization has committed more than $5 billion towards the betterment of the less fortunate families in the United States of America. Goldman Sachs partners with grassroots leaders as well as non-profit organizations to enhance community development. Besides that, the company fosters the financing of small enterprises as well as the social impact of bonds.


Recently, Goldman Sachs announced its partnership with Riverstone Holdings. The deal is approximately $ 500 million with a 12% percent share in the investment of energy. The Walls Street Journal stated that the values of the Riverstone transaction total up to over $4 billion. The two companies are geographically located in New York City. However, Riverstone has another office in the United States of America. According to the two organizations, the partnership will unite the founders of Riverstone and Goldman Sachs. This is because they had worked together in the initial stages of their careers. In 2000, David Leuschen had been employed in New York with Pierre Lapeyre. The two have a past working experience in M&A energy firm. They were in charge for initiating stock sales deals.


From 2000, Riverstone has committed itself to raising approximately $36 billion towards investment from the pension. The contribution was channeled towards endowments in addition to wealthy families. Leuschen and Lapeyre go way back in business. They have used Goldman to expand its operations through poaching talent and broadening investment opportunities. It has been noted that the committee of Riverstone has fourteen people whose resumes have experience from Goldman Sachs. The numbers include Mark Papa. He was the chief executive officer of EOG Resources Inc. He worked with Riverstone when he was serving at Goldman. This shows that Goldman and Riverstone have a deep past work relationship which is vital for the growth of business.


Currently, Papa Mark is the chief executive officer of a development firm called Centennial Resource. Initially, he was also a chief executive officer at Silver Run Acquisition Corp. This was before the company merged with Centennial Resource. In 2015, Riverstone and Papa Mark merged to form a company called Silver Run. The blank check company went public within the same year. It also cashed in $ 450 million towards public and community development. Riverstone continues to enter into business with other companies in a bid to promote societal development. In October, Riverstone was in a trading agreement with SM Energy. Rock Oil Holdings was to be acquired at $ 980 million. At the same time, Goldman Sachs has continued to invest the oil and gas industry.

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