The Finest Family-Owned Real Estate Businesses in DC

Frank Haney and other family-owned real estate businesses are committed to a beautiful and pristine Washington DC that was built with the work of their hands. There are a few lovely families listed here, and each of them has contributed to one of the largest and most diverse cities in the country.

#1: Gould Property Company

The company owns one of the largest parking services in the country, and they may well be a place where the reader has parked before. They do quite a bit more than build parking lots, and their company spreads around development to office buildings, skyscrapers and residential units. The company was founded long ago by the leader of the family, and their most-recent leader has been a US ambassador. They are quite-involved in the operation of a new America, and they build structures that make DC look like a proper capitol city.

#2: Hitt Contracting

Hitt Contracting is not an owner of large structures, but they are the builder everyone turns to. The company has built some of the largest structures in the city, and they have worked with every great developer in the city. They are a family-owned company, but they are in the business is raising the ideas of a developer.

#3: The Peterson Companies

The Peterson Companies are a large set of businesses that work on development up and down the eastern seaboard. Washington is of particular interest to the company as they have roots in the mid-Atlantic, and their company is now run by a father and son team. They are a conservative business that helps redevelop old neighborhoods, and they have ensured everyone who lives or works in their buildings sees a modern take on a traditional building.

#4: Why Is Developing Washington Important?

Washington DC must be developed for the good of the nation and its people. Those who live and work in the city are among those who lead the country, and each of the companies listed above has been a participant in the smooth operation of the world’s greatest superpower.

Construction and real estate development is important in a city as vital to the nation as Washington DC. There are those who remember the names of each company on the list, and they use best practices for the industry on every new project. Buildings in Washington contain a bustling city that is frantic in the development commerce every day.