Duke Ph.D Students Double as Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs Ankesh Madan and Tasso Von Windheim are the successful creators behind the innovative start up business Undercover Colors. More importantly, they both attend Duke University as Ph.D students seeking a medical degree. They are both adamant on the pursuit of a higher education towards productivity and societal responsibility. Duke has helped them be creative and become a part of the social entrepreneurs group that has captivated the culture with cool, innovative, and life changing startup businesses. Surprisingly, Undercover Colors has taken off and is one of the most watched inventions of the year.

What Is Undercover Colors?

Undercovers Colors is an interactive wearable technology brand that is set to change the face of date rape. It gives anyone power at their fingertips that will give them confidence about social drinking during an event. Undercover Colors can determine the variation of many date rape drugs through their color changing technology within minutes. The idea spawned from the rising number of rapes taking place on college campuses nationwide. It hit hardest when Windeheim had a friend that experienced being raped through use of the date rape drug. Together, Maden and Windheim created Undercover Colors, as an immediate cost effective way to avoid date rape drugs from affecting another victim.

Who Is Ankesh Maden?

Ankesh Maden is the type of guy that likes to get his ideas from the drawing board because he likes to build. He would spend hours on learning how to make the ideas that he was thinking of creating. During his tenure at Duke he has been able to focus on his medical degree alongside creating two startups. Maden had was fascinated by the capabilities of today’s technology and his inventions began to take a new turn as co-founder of Undercover Colors. He is also a strong advocate of women’s rights through Women NC.

Who Is Tasso Von Windheim?

The other half of the idea behind Undercover Colors lies within Tasso Von Windheim. He has traveled in an outside of the United States with his parents to form his creative niche in inventions. However, his strong desire to create a life changing invention and pioneer success inspired the creation of Undercover Colors where he serves as CEO and co-founder. Windheim wants his wearable technology to deter the spiking of drinks. He has since graduated from NC State University and touches the lives of over 45,000+ survivors of assault, rape, abuse, and domestic violence.

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