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What is ColdFusion Today?

ColdFusion is a rapid web application development platform invented back in 1995 (2). Originally the program was used to convert simple HTML pages to useable databases (2). Today it is operated under the Adobe ColdFusion Version 11. Codenamed Splendor it went into operation on April 29, 2014 replacing the 13th update of version 10 (2). In its latest edition Adobe is offering four different packages that are available and allow you to build and deploy website and mobile applications. Depending on what you are planning to develop may determine which server package would be best suited for your needs. Read More ColdFusion Web Programming: Today and Tomorrow


Why is coding so important for our youth today to know? Well, in the field of health care, there are alphanumeric and also numeric codes which are generally assigned based on a patients diagnosis and needed procedure. After the patient’s procedure is completed, the insurance company is notified to reimburse. That is why the coding has to be as accurate as possible.

By teaching our youth how to code, they are learning the importance of paying attention to detail. Correctly coding can help prove the necessity of medical treatment. Read More Why Is Coding So Important For Our Youth?