Month: March 2017


Undercover Colors ( is an upcoming nail polish designed to help keep a woman from being sexually assaulted while drinking at a party, club, bar, etc. Certain date rape drugs like Rohypnol are placed in drinks so that the assailant, once his victim has had her drink, can abuse her afterward. However, by wearing this nail polish a woman can simply dip her finger in the drink.

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Riverstone, founded by David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre helped Papa start a company called “Silver Run Acquisition,” and Mark Papa knew exactly what he was going to do with this opportunity. The Permian Basin, a basin in the Western part of Texas, would be exactly where he would focus his attention. This basin has been spoken of quite regularly in terms akin to that of how the United States can liberate itself from the grip of foreign oil; it holds that much promise. Mr. Papa counts himself a little late to this basin party, but he did succeed in finding acquisition options, and he bought Centennial Corp. as one of his initial moves.

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