Month: February 2015

While most of the United States was taking a deep breathe looking at a future as boring as a cornfields in Kansas, where they still tossed darts at their used dart board; thanks to a still uncertain economy and corporate spenders hiding their funds under the bed springs at home. Meanwhile, the metro Washington D.C. area was taking a strong stance thanks to a wheelbarrow full of increased government spending.

Actually, over 50,000 office jobs were put on the board thanks to Frank Haney in the second quarter of 2014 alone. And yes, those jobs had the thumbprint of government services all over it. Yet while many pundits were patting themselves on the back having targeted the downtown Washington D.C area, many were in the process of erecting five star neon signs in their windows touting the fact they were included in being the top real estate market in the country. Read More D.C. Commercial Real Estate Market

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